Powercom Black Knight 600VA Line Interactive UPS

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Powercom's Black Knight range of UPS devices are an ideal solution for small servers, work stations, personal computers and media style NAS devices.

Employing Line Interactive technology to provide the best standby power protection for your delicate IT components. Available in 5 different power ratings.

Black Knight range of UPS devices employ unique automatic AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) circuitry. Automatically increase output voltage 15% above input voltage if -9% to -25% of nominal voltage. Decreasing output voltage 13% below input voltage if +9% to +25% of nominal.


Line Interactive UPS technology
Buck and Boost AVR automatic voltage regulation
Fully digitized microprocessor controlled
Energy saving UPS sleep mode
Short circuit and overload protection
Includes phone and fax inverter protection RJ-11 and RJ-45
UPSMON monitoring and shutdown software included
Hot swappable user replaceable batteries
Warranty period includes UPS batteries


Capacity: 600VA
Input Voltage: 220-240v AC +/- 25% at line input
Frequency: 50-60hz +/- 5%
Output Voltage: 220-240v +/- 5%
Transfer Time: 2/4 Milliseconds (including detection time)
Spike Protection: 480 Joules, 2ms
Unit Input Protection: Fuse for overload and short circuit
Overload Protection: automatic power off of overload exceeds 110% for 60 sec or 130% for 3 sec
10 Base-T Cable Port Filtering: yes
Short Circuit Protection: UPS output cut off immediately or input fuse protection
Battery Type: Sealed Maintenance Free Lead Acid Battery. 3-6 years typical life.
Typical Recharge Time: 6 hours to 90% full capacity
Backup Time Full Load: 3min
Weight: 6.8kg
Dimensions: 97 x 320 x 135
Input Inlet: IEC 320 Power Inlet
Receptacles: IEC 320 Female Outlet
Battery Backup Alarm: Slow beeping sound (about 0.47 Hz)
Battery Low Alarm: Rapid beeping sound (about 1.824 Hz)
Overload Alarm: Continuously beeping sound
RS-232 Interface: Yes
Ambient Operation: 3,500 meters max, elevation. 0-95% humidity non-condensing, 0-40 deg
Audible Noise: <40dBA (1 meter from surface)
Storage Condition: 15,000 meter max. elevation


Barcode # 2000000004440


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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