Power Train 12v 6a 7 Stage All Round Everyday Battery Charger (PTC12V6A7S)

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Power Trains new 12v 6a charger is an excellent, very competitively priced all round every day car battery charger. Ideal for general DIY around the home, maintaining recreational vehicles and much more.

Designed to work with all types of Lead Acid batteries, including; AGM, Wet, GEL and Calcium. Packed full of features and at a price that can't be beat, the Power Train 12v 6a charger is a must have charger in any man cave!


Charges from zero volts
IP65 water resistance rated
Fully automatic 7 stage pulse charge system
Battery selector function
Faulty battery alert
Short circuit, reverse polarity, over-temperature and over-charge protection


Input Voltage: 230v AC / 50Hz
Charge Type: 7 Stage Pulse
Minimum Start Voltage: >= 0v
Operating Temperature: 15 to 40 degrees Celsius
Maximum Charge Current: 6a

Charging Voltage:

GEL Charging: 14.3v
GEL Boost: 14.8v
GEL Float: 13.3v

Lead Acid / AGM Charging: 14.8v
Lead Acid / AGM Boost: 15.2v
Lead Acid / AGM Float: 13.7v

Calcium Charging: 15.6v
Calcium Boost: 16.2v
Calcium Float: 13.7v


Model # PTC12V6A7S
Barcode # 2000000002873

Power Train

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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