Power Sonic Super Sport Lithium 12v 280ccA 51Wh Motorbike Battery

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Power Sonic wide range of motorbike batteries now extends into high performance lithium technology! Offering considerable weight saving withy more cranking power when compared to conventional lead acid batteries. All in a smaller form factor!

Ideal solution for custom motorbikes with limited battery space or racing environments where every single gram counts.

Power Sonic Super Sport lithium range is suitable for cranking (starting) applications only. We do not recommend using Power Sonic lithium products for deep cycle applications. Using these products in deep cycle applications is inefficient economically and in usable capacity. Mr Positive carries other lithium batteries suitable for deep cycle batteries.


Long Life with over 2000 cycles
Built in battery protection
Low self-discharge: <5% per month
1/3 the weight of Lead Acid
Patented silicone rubber cover and pad
Excellent performance with high power density cell and instantaneous discharge up to 50C
Prismatic Pouch Cell construction
No corrosive liquid, not toxic
Wide temperature range: -10oC – 55oC
Vibration and skid resistant

Compatible With:

YB10L-A2, YB10L-B, YB10-B2, YTX14AHL-BS, YB10L-BP, YB12AL-A, YB12AL-A2, YB14L-A1, YB14L-A2, YB16AL-A2, SYB14L-A2, SYB14L-B2, 12N10-3A-2, 12N11-3A-1, 12N14-3A.


Nominal Voltage: 12v
Watt-Hour (25 Degrees): 51Wh
Working Voltage: 10-14.4v
Charging Voltage: 14.4v standard. 14.8v Max
Charging Current: 2a standard. 8a Max
Length: 134 mm
Width: 65mm
Height: 92mm
Approx Weight: 0.95Kg
Cranking Power: 280a < 15s
Terminals: + / -
Battery Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)


Model # SPLFP-14BR
Barcode # 2000000006697

Power Sonic

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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