Power Sonic 12v 80.4ahr Deep Cycle Sealed AGM Battery

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Power Sonic PDC series of sealed AGM batteries are designed for cyclic applications. Featuring oversize negative plate and specialised paste formulation that provides true deep cycle performance.

Providing reliable and economical products is the corner stone of the Power Sonic mission. The company has been a leading force in battery technology since 1970, manufacturing an extensive range of high quality cost effective batteries since.

Full data sheet on any of our Power Sonic products can be downloaded below the specifications. Please refer to the second image of this product for Power Sonic terminal key.


Compact Design – Power to volume ratio yielding unrivalled energy density.
Maintenance-Free and Non-Spill able – Proven VRLA technology guarantees safe operation without maintenance and no n restricted article status for transportation . CE compliant.
Rugged Construction and Handles – ABS plastic (UL94-HB case and cover.
Design-In Reliability – Valve regulated. Spill proof construction allows safer operation in any positron.


Model: PDC-12800
Nominal Voltage: 12v
Nominal Capacity: 80.4ahr
Length: 260mm
Width: 168mm
Height: 208mm
Height (Inc Terminal): 214mm
Weight: 21 Kg
Terminal: T14

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # PDC-12800

Power Sonic

Power Sonic PDC, DCG and Gel series of sealed lead acid batteries are covered by manufacturer warranty.

12 months when used in standby and cyclic applications

Warranty Void If:

Normal wear and tear
Labour for removal and replacement of the unit unless prior written approval has been obtained from Sealed Performance Batteries
Transportation costs to and from the place of purchase or stockist
Parts which have been subjected to deliberate abuse
Conditions resulting from abnormal wear, negligence, alterations or accidents
Incorrect fitment
Parts used in an incorrect application or parts that are not used for their intended purpose

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