Power Sonic CB5L-B 12v 55ccA 5ahr Conventional Motorbike Battery (YB5L-B)

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Power Sonics Conventional motorbike batteries are the most economical of the range. They are conventional flooded lead acid batteries and are available in a variety of sizes, ratings and terminal layouts to suit almost any motorbike or ATV.

Compatible With:

CB5L-B, CB5LB, YB5L, YB5LB, YB5L-B, GM5Z-3B, CB5L-B, YB5L-B, M225LB, M325LB, 740-1868


Voltage: 12v
CCA: 55ccA
Capacity (10hr): 5ahr
Height: 130mm
Width: 60mm
Length: 120mm
Terminal Layout: - +
Battery Type: Flooded Lead Acid


Model # CB5L-B
Barcode # 813340012462

Power Sonic

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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