Power Sonic PTX9BS-FS 12v 120ccA 8ahr Activated AGM Motorbike Battery

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Power Sonic Activated AGM are sealed valve regulated completely maintenance free motorbike battery option. The activated range are factory sealed and do not require any fluid level checks or any addition of acid pack before first use.

They are available in a wide range of models and power ratings to suit almost any motorbike, ATV, Lawnmower or powersports applications.  

As they are completely sealed they can be used in Jet skis, mounted on their side and do not have any shipping restrictions.

Compatible With:

Deka ETX9, 9BS, GTX9-BS, CYTX9-BS, M329BS, M429BS, 740-1825, 44025, ES9BS, CTX9-BS, YTX9-BS, GTX9BS, CYTX9BS, 7401825, CTX9BS, YTX9BS


Voltage: 12v
CCA: 120ccA
Capacity (20 hrs): 8ahr
Height: 105mm
Width: 87mm
Length: 150mm
Terminal Layout: + -
Battery Type: AGM


Model # PTX9BS-FS
Barcode # 813340011670

Power Sonic

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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