Portable Soldering Iron 12v 30w Battery Powered

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12v powered 30w soldering iron. Very handy and a must have in the field where conventional AC power is not available but there are batteries a plenty. Whether it is automotive, RC hobby or any other application where a 12v soldering iron gets you going again.

Soldering iron is wired with hobby style XT60 male connector as its power source. Package also includes a female XT60 connector for the user to wire their own power source, battery or adaptor.

30w power rating at 12v.

Why would you chose this product?

Excellent soldering iron for repair work out in the field when AC power is not readily available. Great addition to the toolbox when out in about. Particularly in RC hobby applications. The soldering iron can be powered by any 12v power source such as automotive battery or a 3s (11.1v) RC lipo battery.

How easy is it to use?

Iron starts heating up as soon as it connected to a power source. The package includes a spare connector to allow the user to create their own adaptor to suit whatever their day to day application may be.


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