OzCharge 12 Volt 2-8 Amp Battery Charger and Battery Maintainer

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Discontinued product. No longer available. Replaced with alternative product.

This product has been replaced.

This product has now been discontinued. We have replaced it with BMPRO 12v and 24v 7.5a Lead Acid and LiFePO4 Battery Charger (BC7.5). This is a superior quality product at a similar price.

The OzCharge 12 Volt 2-8 Amp battery charger and maintainer comprises of the latest microprocessor controlled switched mode technology with the added bonus of a selectable battery Rejuvenation (De-Sulphation) feature which has been proven to break down the crystalline form of lead sulphate within the battery cells which helps extend your battery life.

OzCharge OC-SW121080 employs automatic Equalisation feature for Calcium batteries which helps to maintain and balance your battery calcium based battery cells.

It is fully automatic with safety timers, reverse polarity, short circuit and overload protection. The OC-SW121080 comes standard with quick connect crocodile clips and a wall mount bracket.

Features at a Glance:

• High frequency Switching Mode
• Full time pulse charge output
• Microprocessor controlled
• Multi charging rate - (Selectable 2 or 4 or 8 Amps)
• Suitable for CCA rating up to 1000CCA
• Suitable for an AH rating between 6-160AH
• Selectable Battery Type: Calcium or Sealed or WET or GEL
• Battery rejuvenation (De-Sulphation)
• Heavy-duty cables
• Corrosion-resistant output connectors and clamps
• Designed for Australian & New Zealand Conditions
• 2 Years Warranty

Soft start:
Charges the battery using half the maximum current until the battery voltage is over 10.5V.
Soft Start occurs if the initial voltage is less than 10.5V due to deep discharge.

Bulk Charge:
Charges using a constant maximum current until the battery rises to the absorption level.

This stage charges the battery using a constant voltage providing that the Battery Voltage is over 85%. The Charging Voltage for this stage is determined by the Battery type selection: GEL-14.1V; Sealed/WET-14.4V; Calcium-14.7V.

Automatic Equalisation Process (For Calcium Batteries Only):
This stage begins automatically if the Calcium Battery type has been selected. This cycle pushes the charge voltage up to an equalising level of 16.2V.

Equalisation helps to maintain and balance your battery cells by reversing the high concentration of electrolytes from the bottom of your battery. This allows all the cells to charge evenly and maximises the potential of the battery. Using this feature weekly will ensure your battery is always well maintained.

**NOTE: We recommend disconnecting the Battery from the Vehicle before using this feature.

This stage diagnoses the battery condition for ten minutes. If the Full LED is flashing, this indicates that the battery is still less than 12.5V after the absorption mode and that there is a fault with the battery.

Full / Float:
Battery is fully charged and is ready for use. It will be maintained at a safe constant voltage. Battery type selection: GEL-13.8V; Sealed/WET-13.8V; Calcium-13.8V.

Rejuvenation Process (EXTEND YOUR BATTERY LIFE):
Your OzCharge Battery Charger provides a battery rejuvenation function. Rejuvenation has been proven to break down the crystalline form of lead sulphate within the battery cells which helps extend your battery life.


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24 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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