Off-Grid Sealed AGM Battery Bank 12v 1350ahr

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Designed as a stand-alone battery power bank for off-grid solar energy and renewable energy installation. Package consists of 6 x 2v high capacity (1350mah) AGM off-grid cells housed in a steel modular case. Each cell features flame retardant copolymer casing with load coated copper conductor. Each sealed AGM 2v cell is connected with interconnecting bus bars for ultimate durability and offer true modular design. Allowing the system designer to expand by combining units for larger capacity and or voltages to suit varied end user applications.

These cells are specifically designed for renewable energy applications. Capable of withstanding deep discharge to 0% capacity for up to 1000 cycles.

All components can be recycled. Suitable for mining, defence, UPS backup, transmission, telephony as well as high end alternative energy systems and remote area power systems.


Modular stackable design
Cycle life: 4000 cycles at 20% discharge, 1000 cycles at 100% discharge
Self-discharge: Less than 1% per week
Design life: 20 years


Standard Recharge Current: 135A
Per Cell (2v) Recharging Voltage: 2.23V
Battery Bank Peak Current: 1350A
DC Voltage Rating: 12V
Width: 706mm
Height: 802mm
Depth: 550mm
Weight: 530kg
Packaged Volume: 629.9135L
Packaged Weight: 620kg
Packaged Length: 81.5cm
Packaged Width : 59cm
Packaged Height: 131cm
Battery Type: AGM


SKU BK12V1350
Barcode # 9319236958513

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