Nikko 4.8v Slot In and Plug Style NiMH battery Charger

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Suitable for Nikko 4.8v square type battery packs as well as 4.8v batteries that have a standard Mini Tamiya plug. This charger has both slot in and plug in option for charging all 4.8v Nikko batteries. Or any 4.8v Ni-MH Battery pack that has a Mini Tamiya connector.


Nikko Model: BC-9200
Compatible With: 9.6v Slot in or Plug In Style Nikko NiMH Battery Pack
Input: 240v 50hz 6w
Output: 11.6v 180ma

Please note: This product is an OEM product and does not contain any packaging. It is genuine Nikko, sourced from approved Nikko NZ agent.




12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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