MotoBatt MB51814 12v 220ccA Maintenance Free Battery

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Discontinued product. No longer available. Replaced with alternative product.

This product has been replaced.

This product has now been discontinued. We have replaced it with Power Sonic 51913-FS 12v 190ccA 19.5ahr Activated AGM Motorbike Battery. This is a superior quality product at a similar price.

MotoBatt 4 Terminal 12v 220ccA 20Ahr AGM Sealed Acid Maintenance Free Battery.

Specifically designed for motorcycles, Motobatt's innovative four terminal design allows far greater versatility. This unique design allows easy reversal of main battery terminals. Which offers much greater versatility, reduces the number motorbike batteries required and ensures that your model is always in stock and available to be shipped right away.

Mr Positives Motobatt motorcycle range of AGM batteries offer higher amp hour ratings than their conventional flooded lead acid types. They can handle repetitive starting without draining or causing long term damage. Motobatt's AGM technology offers very low self discharge, Motobatt claim this to be less than 3% per month.

Motobatt are maintenance free and contain no-spill acid. They can be shipped using standard couriers and also mounted on their side!

Replaces The Following Battery Codes:



Voltage: 12v
Length: 183mm
Width: 80mm
Height: 170mm
Total Height: 170mm
CCA Rating: 220ccA
AH Rating: 20Ahr
Terminals: 4


SKU MB51814
Model # MB51814


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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