Micro Connector Protected Parallel Board

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Ideal solution for users that use small battery packs for smaller helicopter, planes and RC toys. Such as Parkzone Ultra Micro, E-Flite ultra micro aircrafts and mCPX helicopters. User can now charge 6 batteries at the same time! Featuring six 2 Pin Pico (also known as micro JST or Molex 1.25) slots as well as 6 2 Pin mCPX (also known as Blade 2 Pin MCPX Style / Eachine (2 Pin) / MCPX (2 Pin) / JST-PH (2 Pin) / PH2.0) connector. Each set of 6 inputs is grouped and user can only use one group of 6 at the same time. I.e. six Pico batteries OR six mCPX at the same time. Board also features a unique self resettable polyfuses with an LED to indicate the conductivity. Each input slot features one fuse rated at 1.5amp. The maximum total charge current is 1.5amps multiplied by the number of batteries being charged.


Barcode # 31923

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