Lipo Battery Management System For Kontiki - 60a

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Lipo batteries offer far greater power to weight ratio and can be charged much quicker than the conventional Kontiki lead acid battery. The downside is that lipo battery will be damaged if discharged too far.  Mr Positive custom designed lipo battery management system protects the battery from over discharge and removes any uncertainty about how long to set your Kontiki’s timer. Connect the 3 cell (11.1v) lipo battery to this module input and then connect the module output to the Kontiki electrical system. When the lipo batteries voltage reaches safe discharge level , this module will break the circuit and stop the lipo battery from being over discharged.

This battery management system is rated at 60a and is compatible with motors and electrical systems with 60a only. It will monitor both the overall lipo battery voltage as well as each individual cell voltage.

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Barcode # 2000000005164