Lead Acid Battery Desulfator 12-48v

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Excludes DG or bulk items (flooded or large lead acid batteries, large panels and generators).

Over time lead acid battery plates develop crystallite sulphates which weaken the electrolyte and in turn reduces the batteries ability to receive, store and deliver power. Sulphation can reduce battery capacity and over time cause permanent battery failure.

Desulphater employs high frequency peak pulse that causes the crystallite sulphate's to dissolve back into the electrolyte and in turn improve battery performance.

This unit is compatible with 12-48v lead acid battery systems and does not require additional power source to operate.


Fully automatic voltage selection; 12v, 24v, 36v and 48v
New cyclic pulse generation method for improved capacity recovery
Soft Peak Pulsing
Auto Cut-off function to prevent discharge of battery
User configurable override for manual voltage selection


Voltage Range: 12v, 24v, 36v 48v
Working Amp: 20mA Max
Peak Amp: 2a Max
Peak Voltage: 60-100v
Pulse Frequency: 10,000 Hz
Cut-off Amp: <5mA
Size: 88 x 56 x 23mm
Weight: 120g

Please Note:

Desulphation will not recover a permanently damaged or very old battery. Desulphation is purely a battery maintenance tool to improve performance.



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