Laboratory Workbench Style Analogue Voltmeter 0-15v

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Sturdy and simple to use, this handy workbench style voltmeter has a range of -5 to +15v (or -1 to +3) and 4mm banana plugs. Suitable for 12v applications and general electrical troubleshooting in automotive and solar applications.

The meter has two ranges accessible by two different banana plugs (shared ground). Measure either -5v to +15v or -1v to +3v by connecting to the appropriate positive banana plug.

You would have used one that looked exactly the same in the high school science class!


Measuring Range 1: 3V scale reads -1V to 3V
Measuring Range 2: 15V scale reads -5V to 15V
Zero offset adjust
Analogue movement


Barcode # 9319236739266
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty