Kontiki Lithium Battery Upgrade 22ahr

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Giant Power 3s 11.1v 22000mah 25c

Giant Power 3s 11.1v 22000mah 25c


Giant Power 3s 11.1v 5000mah 65c

Giant Power 3s 11.1v 5000mah 65c


Lipo Battery Management System For Kontiki - 60a

Lipo Battery Management System For Kontiki - 60a



Mr Positive custom Kontiki lithium battery and battery charging solution. Providing considerable weight savings and much better improvement on performance, power as well as running time, Mr Positives Lipo (Lithium Polymer) based Kontiki battery and battery charger solutions are currently available as 22ahr package, with or without Lipo charger.

After some customer feedback and trial and error, we have improved our Kontiki package, now using a single lipo battery with an overall increase capacity by 25%. As well battery running time, we have increased the Battery Management Systems' max current capability to 60 amps. This is now much better suited to more powerful Kontiki motors and electrical systems available today.

These high performance Lipo batteries are much smaller than their SLA counterparts, they can produce much higher currents and most importantly offer a fraction of the charge time. Which allows for many more number of Kontiki runs in a shorter space of time, without the need of overnight charging.

This package includes one 22ahr 11.1v 3s Lipo battery, custom made and designed Mr Positive Battery Management System (BMS) and all cables and necessary accessories. The BMS will monitor each cells voltage and cut the circuit when any of the cells voltages reaches approximately 3.0v. Which in turn protects the battery from damage and increases overall lifespan.

How Does It Work?

The Lipo battery is connected to the Battery Management System (BMS) and the BMS is connected to the Kontiki battery lead. All fitting inside Kontiki hull. The BMS includes an output cable that connects to Kontiki electrical system and is terminated with Tamiya connectors to suit most standard Kontiki's. Connect this connector directly into the Kontiki electrical system, set the timer (if your Kontiki model has one) without worrying about discharging the battery too far, the BMS will take care of this. Lastly… cast away!

Batteries can be charged using any quality lipo charger with balancing function. Mr Positive carries a wide selection of Lipo balance chargers located here.

More batteries can be added to the package before completing your transaction. Simply increase QTY (Quantity) value before adding the item to cart and the system will add additional batteries to your order at a discounted price.

Package Includes:

1 x 3s 11.1v 22ahr Lipo Battery
Lipo Battery Management System For Kontiki - 60a. Terminated with Tamiya connector.
All Other cables and Leads

Please Note:

This package is for Lipo batteries only and does not include a Lipo charger. A lipo Charger is required to recharge Lipo batteries.
This package is designed for the Kontiki only. The Kontiki winch will still require its own battery and or power source. Standard lead acid battery can be used to power the winch or we have Lipo batteries in various sizes available that can be purchased separately