Kemax 12v 8a Lead Acid Battery Charger with Power Supply Mode

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Excludes DG or bulk items (flooded or large lead acid batteries, large panels and generators).

This charger is a simple to use every day charger for the home or the workshop. Utilising intelligent microprocessor charging technology to perform 8 separate charging stages through the charge cycle. Improving battery efficiency and overall life. The charger is fully automatic and can be left connected to the battery. Keeping the battery in fully charge state.

The main point of difference between this charger and other similar powered models in the market is its integrated dedicated power supply mode. Providing a constant 13.5v (6a) to power traditional 12v appliances or other DC chargers such as RC hobby chargers.

Using a traditional 12v charger as a power supply is never advised. As a battery charger power is traditionally based on the voltage on the battery that it is connected to. Therefore, using a conventional 12v battery charger for a power supply either doesn't work at all, or provides inconsistent voltage.

Package includes ring terminal connectors for permanent connection as well as traditional battery alligator clips.

Ideal charger for the user with larger vehicles or deep cycle batteries. Up to 800cca or 150ahr deep cycle batteries.


Intelligent microprocessor charging technology
Automatic output current selection
DC power supply mode
Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
Charge batteries with 0 voltage
Compatible with all Lead acid autonomy batteries
Calcium specific charge mode with LED indicator and push button select
8 Stage automatic (desulphation, soft start, bulk, absorption, analysis, boost, float and maintain)


Output: 12v 8a 96w
Input: 175-225v 50hz
Stages: 8 Stage Automatic
Battery Voltage: 12v
Automotive Battery Size: 12v 120-800ccA / 6-20hrs charge
Marine Battery Size: 140-1000mcA / 6-20hrs charge
Depp Cycle Battery Size: 17-150ahr / 6-20hrs charge

Package Includes:

Battery Charger
Alligator Clips
Ring Terminals
User manual


Model # PBC88S
Barcode # 9312591001900
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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