Internet LAN based Battery Voltage Monitor and Relay Trigger

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Excludes DG or bulk items (flooded or large lead acid batteries, large panels and generators).

Specifically designed as a solution to monitor battery voltage remotely. This module has an integrated RJ45 ethernet connector that allows user to login using any web browser to monitor up to 4 batteries voltages and set programs for 2 relays at the same time!

User set ports can be set so that when port forwarding is enabled in routers, the unit can not only be accessed from local network, but also the internet.

This module also features two programable relays. These relays can be programmed to trigger on or off based on the voltage of any of the batteries being monitored. The relays can also be simply turned on or off without the need of any voltage based setting.

Ideal solution for complicated multi battery installations.

No software or drivers needed. The IP number can also be changed and multiple units can be used on the same network.


Monitor up to 4 batteries and access battery voltages remotely
Two integrated relays that can switched on or off
Relays can be programmed to switch on or off based on battery voltages
No software or drivers needed
Web browser based access
IP number can be changed
Ports can be changed


Power Source: 12v 1a Max
Power Consumption: 150ma (approx)
Default IP:
Relay max Power: 10a at 240v AC
Voltage Measurement Range: 0-30v DC
PCB Size: 100mm x 80mm

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Barcode # 2000000002057