iCharger 308 DUO Balance Charger

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The baby brother of the innovative 4010DUO 2000w charger, iCharger's new 308DUO bring to the table a midrange double output charging solution for the serious RC enthusiast. The iCharger 308DUO offers two 30amp outputs or combine both for a maximum 50amp output power. Allowing for many charge and discharge configurations. Parallel charge multiple lipo packs on one port while diagnosing / discharging another completely different battery on the other channel (some conditions apply).

Features at a Glance:

Dual Channel Charger - Capable of providing 30amps per channel or combine in parallel for 50 amps of power.
Up to 1300w of power! (800w per channel)
Built in mini SD card slot for storing charge and discharge data for later analysis.
Large LCD screen with easy to use menu structure.
Servo and PMW test modes.
Multiple charge modes - Including fast charge, balance charge, storage charge, discharge and much more.
64 Memory function for storing multiple charging and battery pack configurations.
USB PC compatible and firmware upgradable.
Unique battery monitoring function that allows for monitoring of battery voltage, temperature (plus many other parameters) while the battery is under load.
Wide input operating voltage - Allowing the charger to be powered from literally any power source.
DC powered for maximum portability and convenience.
Built in 1amp 5v USB port for charging portable electronic devices such as phones and MP3 players.

All iChargers are DC powered chargers. For best options on powering the iCharger, please check our Bench Top Power Supplies.


Input Voltage Range: 10-30v DC
Input Current Limit: 60a, CH ½ <40a
Maximum Charge Power Capacity: 800w per channel at > 23.5v (up to 1300w in synchronous mode)
Charge Current Range: 0.05 - 30.0A per channel. Or up to 50a in synchronous mode (Parallel)
Discharge Power Capacity: 80W per channel. Or up to 120w in synchronous mode (Parallel)
Maximum Regenerative Discharge: 800W per channel. Or up to 1300w in synchronous mode
Maximum External Discharge Power Capacity: 1050W at 35v / 30a. Or up to 2100w in synchronous mode (Parallel)
Current Drain for Balancing: 1.2a per channel. Or up to 2.4a in synchronous mode (Parallel)
Balance Accuracy: 10mV
LiPo / LiIo / LiFe: 1-8 Series per channel
Ni-CD / Ni-MH Battery Cell Count: 1-20 series per channel
Lead Acid Battery Cell Count: 1-15 series (2-30V) per channel
PC Connectivity: USB port + Mini SD Slot
Weight: 910g
Dimensions: 171mm (L) x 118mm (W) x 59mm (H)

Package Includes:

1 x iCharger 4010 Duo
2 x 4mm Banana Plug to Bare Wire Charge Cable
1 x Bare Wire to Female EC5 Power Input Cable
2 x Balance Conversion Board
2 x Cable for Balance Boards
1 x Mini CD ROM

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # 308 Duo
Barcode # 2000000003085


All our iCharger products carry a 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty. The warranty is void if damage is due to:

- Excessive heat from incorrect use or higher input voltage than designed for and clearly specified.
- Using the product incorrectly with incorrect battery products or power supplies.
- iCharger aluminium case opened by non iCharger recommended technician.

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