iCharger 306B and 600w AC PSU Combo

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iCharger 306B Balance Charger

iCharger 306B Balance Charger


MeanWell AC-DC 36v 16.6a 600w Enclosed Power Supply

MeanWell AC-DC 36v 16.6a 600w Enclosed Power Suppl


Standard 2m NZ Power Cord with Spade Terminals

Standard 2m NZ Power Cord with Spade Terminals


Spade To 4mm Banana Converter (Pair)

Spade To 4mm Banana Converter (Pair)



Mr Positive's 600w battery charger and power supply combination for the advanced user. Featuring iChargers 306B+ 30amp multi chemistry battery charger and a MeanWell 600w AC adaptor.

This package is ideally suited for the user with high power demands or frequent multiple parallel charging needs.

Limited by a maximum of 600w from AC power, this combination will provide just shy of 30amps with large voltage packs such as 6s lipos. When charging smaller packs, such as those found in RC cars or boats, the charger will produce up to 30amps of power! Providing super fast charging of one or more lipo batteries at once.

Please note that this is Mr Positives advance charger and power supply combination. The MeanWell power supply features exposed AC input and DC output screw terminals. These require careful first time installation and handling. Package includes charger, power supply, AC lead as well as DC output lead for the charger.

This is Mr Positive's ultimate charging solution for the enthusiast DIYer with serious power needs.

iCharger 306B Specifications:

Input Voltage: 4.5-38 Volts DC
Charge Current Range: 0.05 – 30.0 Amps
Discharge Current Range: 0.05 – 30.0 Amps
Maximum Charge Power Capacity: 1000 watt
Balance Accuracy: <10mv
Lithium (LiPo/Lilo/Life) Battery Cell Count: 1-6 series
NiMh/NiCD Battery Cell Count: 1-25 Series
Pb (Lead Acid) Cell Count: 1-18 series (2-36v)
Battery Setup Memories: 10
Intelligent Temperature Control: Yes
PC Connect: USB Port
Weight: 750g
Dimensions (L*W*D): 143 x 123 x 46

MeanWell 600w Power Supply Specifications:

Input Voltage: 110-230v AC
Output Voltage: 36v
Output Current: 0-16.6a
Wattage: 600w
Outputs: 1
Dimensions: 247 x 127 x 64
Efficiency: 87%
Noise and Ripple: 200mV




12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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