Giant Power 2s 7.4v 6500mah 65c Hardcase

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Housed in hard plastic casing, this Lipo Battery is specifically designed for RC Car use. Some RC car clubs require all racers to use RC car hardpacks. Designed to withstand impact and protect delicate Lipo cells from damage during serious crashes.

Our Giant Power 7.4v 6500mah 65c is similar sized to normal RC Car Hardcase Lipo batteries, offering up to 30% extra running time. Ideal for racing, drifting or bashing around the house.

Giant Power is for the RC Car enthusiast and as a reliable alternative to our constantly out of stock Gens ACE batteries. Our in house test have shown Giant Power to outperform Gens ACE in cycle test. Maintaining it capacity for longer and producing a higher discharge curve. This is particularly clear after a few charge and discharge cycles. More voltage means more acceleration, more punch and more speed!

All Mr Positive Lipo battery range can be customised with your choice of main discharge connector before adding it to cart.


Voltage: 7.4v | 2s
Capacity: 6500mah
Discharge: 65c
Dimensions: 138 x 46 x 26
Weight: 320g
Balance Connector: JST-XH
Main Discharge Connector: Deans Style
Chemistry: Lipo



Giant Power

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