ESD Safe 55w Fast Heating Soldering Station

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This soldering station utelises RF induction to bring the tip to operating temperature in 10 seconds! Traditional Curie Point soldering irons use a separate Curie-Switch, heater and tip. There are thermocouples, varistors or other temp sensors that only complicate things. The thermal inertia with the Thermaltronics product  is far lower. The system consists of the base power unit which connects to mains 240V. The soldering pencil accepts a cartridge tip (which is also the heating element) and a burn-proof silicon rubber cord. The third element in the system is the pencil iron stand. This stand features a ‘dry’-type  tip cleaner which is made from machine curled brass and also a standard sulphide free tip sponge.

The tip is a 0.5mm conical tip as standard and the unit as a whole uses much lower idle power when compared to similar sized units. Ideal soldering station for repair work or the serious hobbyist or electronic enthusiast.


0.5mm Conical tip supplied standard
Low power idle
Under 10 second heat-up
Rapid recovery from soldering load. No overshoot
No calibration needed
ESD rated
Can work leaded and unleaded solder


Power: 50W
Temperature range: 350 to 398 Degrees Celsius
Output Frequency: 470kHz
Tip to GND Resistance: <2 Ohms DC
Tip to GND Potential: 2mW, true RMS 50 - 500Hz
Dimensions: 155(H) x 110(W) x 92(D)mm
Weight: 1.3kg


Barcode # 9319236676745
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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