Compact Lipo Powered USB Charger For Mobile Devices

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Compact USB charger for all your mobile devices. Unit is extremely compact and is powered by any lithium battery packs balance lead. Ideal for the RC hobby enthusiasts with many lipo or Li-Ion batteries on hand. The unit also features a real time LED voltage reading of the external battery. Providing simple voltage of the lipo battery (per cell and total) with the bonus of USB output to charge your mobile device.

Unit features a 2s-6s balance socket input and a standard USB socket output. Any lithium battery between 7.4v – 22.2v (2s – 6s) is compatible with this device. Great unit to have in your flight box / tool box to provide some backup power to your mobile device when out and about. Suitable for any mobile device that uses USB bus power for recharging. Including all apple mobile devices (not iPad), mobile phones, GPS units and much much more.

Unit includes low voltage cut-off circuitry. Cutting off the circuit when the lipo battery reaches 3.0v per cell. Protecting lipo battery from over discharging


Output Voltage: 5v USB Bus Power
Output Current: 1000mA
Battery Compatibility: 1-6s Lipo/Li-Ion/LiMn and Li-Fe
Lipo Low Voltage Cut-off: 3.0v (Unit will display SOP)


Barcode # 22320

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