Cigarette Lighter Real Time Battery and Alternator Monitor

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Designed to help diagnose the source of your cars electrical problems, this handy and cost effective devoice plugs directly into the car’s cigarette lighter and will present battery and alternator status as you drive. Compatible with 12v DC systems only.

On the left side is the alternator status indicating if it's charging the battery at too high a voltage (red LED >14.8V), Normal (green LED 13.4-14.75V) or too low (yellow LED).

Alternator status:

Red LED: Too high >14.8V
Green LED: Normal 13.4-14.75V
Yellow LED: Too low

Battery status:

Green LED: Charged 12.4-12.6V
Yellow LED: Recharge 11.8-12.35V
Red LED: Dead


Barcode # 9319236987797

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