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LPB Battery is our new high quality range of batteries targeting the RC enthusiast. Assembled fresh to our specifications using high quality Lithium Polymer cells, LPB is our new heavy weight Lipo contender.

In house tests have shown LBP provides excellent discharge voltage during use. Higher voltage means more punch, acceleration and speed, for a longer period during a run. Cycle tests have shown that LPB retain its capacity much better than Turnigy and Turnigy Nano-Tech after a sequence of charge and discharge cycles. LPB offers much better value and return on initial investment than any other Mr Positive lipo brand.

LPB has been included in the Mr Positive range as a reliable alternative to our constantly out of stock Gens ACE product. If you are a Gens ACE fan and have been frustrated by availability, LPB products will match performance and stock availability will not be a problem. Any out of stock models will only be short term and we can guarantee availability within a 2 week window. Contact us if a model you are interested in is currently displaying an out of stock flag and we will provide you an accurate ETA.