Aftermarket iPod 4th Generation Replacement Battery

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Aftermarket replacement battery for 4th Generation iPod's. Aftermarket product compatible with the original.

Compatible With:

iPOD 4th Generation iPOD Photo iPOD U2 20GB Colour Display MA127 Photo 30GB M9829 Photo 30GB M9829/A Photo 30GB M9829B/A Photo 30GB M9829CH/A Photo 30GB M9829DK/A Photo 30GB M9829FD/A Photo 30GB M9829FE/A Photo 30GB M9829J/A Photo 30GB M9829KH/A Photo 30GB M9829LL/A Photo 30GB M9829TA/A Photo 30GB M9829X/A Photo 30GB M9829Z/A Photo 40GB M9585 Photo 40GB M9585/A Photo 40GB M9585B/A Photo 40GB M9585CH/A Photo 40GB M9585FE/A Photo 40GB M9585KH/A Photo 40GB M9585LL/A Photo 40GB M9585TA/A Photo 40GB M9585X/A Photo 40GB M9585ZR/A Photo 40GB M9585ZV/A Photo 60GB M9585J/A Photo 60GB M9586 Photo 60GB M9586/A Photo 60GB M9586B/A Photo 60GB M9586CH/A Photo 60GB M9586FE/A Photo 60GB M9586J/A Photo 60GB M9586KH/A Photo 60GB M9586LL/A Photo 60GB M9586TA/A Photo 60GB M9586X/A Photo 60GB M9586ZR/A Photo 60GB M9586ZV/A Photo 60GB M9830 Photo 60GB M9830/A Photo 60GB M9830B/A Photo 60GB M9830CH/A Photo 60GB M9830DK/A Photo 60GB M9830FD/A Photo 60GB M9830FE/A Photo 60GB M9830J/A Photo 60GB M9830KH/A Photo 60GB M9830LL/A Photo 60GB M9830TA/A Photo 60GB M9830X/A Photo 60GB M9830Z/A Photo M9586* 60GB Photo M9586*/A 60GB Photo M9829* 30GB Photo M9829*/A 30GB Photo M9830* 60GB Photo M9830*/A 60GB.

Compatible Battery:

616-0183, 616-0206, 616-0215, AW4701218074, ICP0534500


Nominal Voltage: 3.7v
Nominal Capacity: 1200mah
Dimensions: 51mm x 36mm x 7mm
Chemistry: Lipo
Brand: Generic


Barcode # 4894128000273
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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