AA Battery Holder with 4mm Banana Plug

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Four AA and AAA battery holder with 4mm banana connectors. Designed to allow for convenient charging of AA or AAA batteries using conventional multi chemistry or hobby style chargers that feature universal 4mmm banana output. This unit is compatible with our range of iCharger chargers as well as any other multi chemistry charger that utilises 4mm banana as its main output.

All four batteries are required to be inserted in order for the unit to create a close circuit and to function.

Please note:

4 batteries much be charged at the same time. Unit will not work if less than 4 batteries are inserted.
The 4 cells should be the same capacity, type and make.
The units LED's are there to only indicate if there is a connection with the cell. They do not indicate charge status of the batteries.
This is a battery holder only and does not contain any charging circuitry. Do not connect directly to a power supply. It is designed to be used alongside a universal battery charger only.


Barcode # 54713