A123 Systems 3.3v 19.5ahr AMP20 LiFePO4 Prismatic Cell (AMP20M1HD-A)

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A123's AMP20 (AMP20M1HD-A) prismatic cell feature ground breaking Lithium Iron Phosphate based battery technology, based on industry leading abuse tolerance coupled with excellent life performance under the most rigorous duty cycles. A123 Systems AMP20 delivers high usable energy over a wide state of charge (SOC) range to minimize pack oversizing and offer very low cost per watt-hour.

A123 Systems Prismatic cells provide over 2400w per KG and provide unparalleled cycle life.

Full PDF data sheet of the A123 Systems AMP20 (AMP20M1HD-A) can be downloaded below the specifications.


Cell Dimensions (mm): 7.25 x 160 x 227
Cell Weight (g): 496
Cell Capacity (minimum, Ah): 19.5
Energy Content (nominal, Wh): 65
Discharge Power (nominal, W): 1200
Voltage (nominal, V): 3.3
Power (nominal, W/kg): 2400
Energy (nominal, Wh/kg): 131
Energy Density (nominal, Wh/L): 247
Operating Temperature: -30-55 Degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature: -40-60 Degrees Celsius
Chemistry: LiFEPO4

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


Model # AMP20M1HD-A

A123 Systems

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