9v Next Generation Lithium Battery

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Ideal replacement for traditional 9v alkaline or carbon batteries in smoke alarms, transmitters and cordless microphones. Lasting up to 10 years in ionization type smoke alarms, the next generation 9v batteries have been redesigned to be the same footprint as alkaline 9v batteries. Featuring rounded corners for easier fitment in smoke alarms and other devices.

Up to 5 times more powerful than traditional alkaline 9v batteries!


Voltage: 9v
Nominal Capacity: 1.2ah (1200mah)
Watt Hour: 11Wh
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 120ma
Dimensions: 17.5mm x 48.5mm x 26.5mm
Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Dioxide

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.



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