18650 Protected Double Battery Holder

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Suitable for creating power pack out of two 18650 li-ion cells. Unit includes built in protection circuitry. Protecting the cells from over discharge and over charging.


Maximum Load Current: 5a
Maximum Charge Current: 5a
Over Charge Cut-Out Voltage: 4.25+/- 0.025v
Over Charge Detection Delay Time: 0.7s-1.3s
Over Charge Cut-In Voltage: 4.05v +/- 0.05v
Over Discharge Cut-Out Voltage: 2.4v +/- 0.08v
Over Discharge Detection Delay Time: 89ms-167ms
Over Discharge Cut-In Voltage: 3.0v +/- 0.1v


SKU 2x18650_HP
Barcode # 2000000002330

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