12v 4a 8 Stage Economical Smart Charger (PTC12V4AL)

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In some applications and or for some users, all the bells and whistles are not always necessary and tend to bring unnecessary confusion to the preceding. If you are looking for a quality, simple to use every charger, this model is for you! We have picked this as a Staff Pick based on its features, 8 stage charging, ease of use and off course unbeatable price.

Providing 4amps max output power, this charger is suitable for all lead acid batteries (inc Gel, AGM, Flooded and Calcium) between 17-80ahr and commonly found in any standard passenger vehicle.

This unit features 8 stage sophisticate charging algorithm with a soft start. Unlike most multi stage chargers, this charger can charge batteries that are registering zero volts. This does not mean it can revive a completely dead or faulty battery. Zero-volt charge simply means it can try and charge batteries that are registering much lower voltage. Conventional multi stage battery chargers will not recognise a battery that show a voltage lower than 9v

The charger will measure the batteries voltage and start in any of its 8 stages to suit. If the battery is fully charged or has reached fully charge state during a normal charge cycle, it switches to its final charge stage (float) which maintains battery voltage at optimum level. Essential for infrequently used vehicles such as classic cars.

Essentially built in safety features are included. These include; reverse polarity protection, short circuit, over temperature and spark free clamps.

Simple bar graph style display and no button or adjustments at all. Simply plug in and start charging.

This charger is probably not suited for the high power or high-performance enthusiast. However, it is completely adequate for every household garage as an eight-stage super economical backup charger.


Internal temperature control and power output.
Zero-volt recharge that charges a completely flat battery.
Simple LED charge state indictor shows the charge state of the battery in bar graph style display.
Faulty battery warning.
Simple to operate with no button or adjustments to be made.


Minimum Start Voltage: 0v
Input Voltage: 180-250v AC 60/60Hz
Charging Stages: 8 Stages (Soft Start)
Construction: ABS Plastic
Battery Types: Gel, AGM, SLA, Calcium, Flooded
Battery Capacity: 17-18ahr
Battery Voltage: 12v
Max Current: 4a
Standards: EMC and Energy Safe Standards Met

Charge Stages:

Stage 1: Desulphation
Stage 2: Soft Start
Stage 3: Buk
Stage 4: Absorbtion
Stage 5: Analysis
Stage 6: Boost
Stage 7: Float
Stage 8: Maintain


Model # PTC12V4AL
Barcode # 9350349000003
12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

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