Trojan 12v 102ahr GEL Deep Cycle Battery (31-GEL)

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For 85 years Trojan has been the world's most trusted name in deep cycle batteries. Building a reputation based on innovation and quality. Trojan Batteries are Mr Positives premium deep cycle battery solution. Suitable for renewable energy applications, marine and motor homes, golf carts and much more.

This model Trojan battery is a completely sealed maintenance free GEL based lead acid battery.


Voltage: 12v
Reserve Capacity at 25a: 200
Reserve Capacity at 75a: N/A
Ahr Rate 5 Hours: 85ahr
Ahr Rate 20 Hours: 102ahr
Ahr Rate 100 Hours: N/A
Weight: 31 kg
Length: 329
Width: 171
Height: 245
Terminals: As in second product picture

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


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Model # 31-GEL


Trojan battery are covered 12 month manufacturer warranty when used in general deep cycle applications. If used in Floor Machines the warranty is only valid for 6 months.

Warranty will not apply if:

Battery has had abuse or neglect such as rusted connections, improper installation, impact damage and bulge cases from heat or too high a load.
Battery not installed properly or maintained within the manufacturers strict specifications.
Over discharging or improper size battery for end user application.
Trojan manufacturer date codes have been tampered with or removed.

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