PCM For 10.8v-11.1v 3s Li-Ion Battery 4a

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Designed for 3s (3 cell) Li-Ion battery packs with a nominal voltage of 10.8v-11.1v nominal voltage. Protection Circuit Modules (PCM) prevent damage to cells from over charge and over discharge.


Over Charge Protection Voltage: 4.25v
Over Charge Release Voltage: 4.15v
Over Discharge Protection Voltage: 2.7v
Over Discharge Release Voltage: 3.0v
Current Consumption: 12uA
Max Continuous Charge / Discharge Current: 4a

PCM Terminal Layout:

P+ Battery output/charging positive pole
P- Battery output/charging negative pole
B1 Cell 1 negative pole and Cell 2 positive pole
B+ Cell 1 positive pole
B- Cell 3 negative pole
B2 Cell 2 negative pole and Cell 3 positive pole



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