New Website

Mr Positive has moved to newer and flasher premises. More room, more shelves, more departments and lots more cool products. Yep that's right… In the Mr Positive online only world, this means a new website with a whole lot of new bells and whistles.

We have listened to our customer feedback and since Christmas, we have been slaving away to finish the new site and make it live. The time is finally arrived!

So what does this mean to me?

Well not much in the short term… You can still view and buy any of your favourite Mr Positive products just like before.

We have kept the same basic colour scheme, menu structure and product details to keep the transition as smooth as possible. If you have previously shopped with Mr Positive and created an account, you will need to reset your passwords. All of your account details, delivery address' and previous orders (for warranty purposes) have been moved to our new system. However, due to the nature of passwords and security around this area, naturally we are unable to copy all customer passwords. More details about resetting your password can be found further down.

If you have previously shopped with Mr Positive and usually checkout as a guest without creating an account, nothing has changed, you can still do the same. Some of the address fields and general format of the checkout page have had slight changes. Our checkout process is based on the same principle as any other large online only retailer and won't be foreign to anyone that has shopped online before.

Why the change?

We have outgrown our existing system. In order to provide some of the functionality that our customers have asked for time and time again, the only option was to knock her down, and built a new one. Over the course of the second half of 2016 we will be making lots of small tweaks, that will not only improve the functionality of the website, but will allow you to find what you want much more quickly. Accuracy around product data and ETA for out of stock items will also be vastly improved.

Resetting Your Account

If you have previously created an account on Mr Positive, all your account details, delivery address and orders have been brought across to our new system. However, you will need to reset your password.

1- In the top right hand corner of any Mr Positive page click the "My Account" link.
2- On the new page click the link "forgot your password click here"
3- On the new page enter your email address and click "send me a new password"
4- You will now receive an email with a new password. Login to the Mr Positive website with email and new password.

Once you have logged in you will be able to see your account details as well as some of the new features of our new system.

So what sort of new bells and whistles are you cooking up then Mr P?

Mr Positive will introduce a whole lot of small tweaks that our customers have asked for over the years, including:

Product Filters
Filter products in a category based on voltage, weight, dimensions, other common specifications and even compatible vehicle or device. Particularly handy when there are hundreds of products that are essentially the same, but differ in some small key specifications. Yes… that includes batteries!

Pre-Order and Real Time ETA
Much better pre-ordering. You will be able to pre-order any of Mr Positives popular (out of stock) product(s) to make sure you don't miss out when it lands. This will be particularly handy for very specialised batteries with a shelf life that should only be ordered in fresh.

Combos and Packages
Mr Positive will offer more combos and packages. This includes bulk discounts and combing products that are typically purchased together. Such as batteries and compatible battery chargers.

Customer loyalty programme
New customer loyalty programme specifically targeting the hobby user who's addicted to everything RC!

Real Time Shipping Costs
Accurate real time shipping costs per product or for the cart as a whole without the need of checking out.

Real Time International Shipping Costs
More shipping options and real time pricing for our international customers outside of NZ and Australia.

Tracking Details for Every Order
Any customer with an account will be able to track their order within the accounts control panel.

Improved Returns and RMA Process
Much more fluid and documented returns process with status update of each step of the return or warranty process.

New Promotions and Bulk Discounts
Flash sales for popular products with a clear and set timeframe as well as new bulk discount system for our customers that order large volumes (50+) of one SKU.

Improved Credit Card Security
We will be migrating to a new payment gateway provider, with improved credit card security and quicker payment processing. Our new system adopts the latest industry security protocols and meets all the latest standards set by the banks and credit card companies.