Nitecore Protected 3.7v 3400mah 18650 Battery

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Nitecore branded high quality 34000mah 3.7v protected 18650 battery. Nitecore's premium 18650 battery includes integrated protection circuitry that will protect the cell from over charge and over discharge.

Suitable for high drain devices such as Nitecore high performance torches and other high powered LED flashlights.

Nitecore NL189, ultimate performance, accept no substitutes.

Please note the added protection circuit increases the length of the battery to 69mm. Traditional unprotected 18650 batteries typically have a length of 65-66mm.

Always pick branded reliable 18650's and don't trust batteries that claim very high capacity at a fraction of the price. Just because the label states a very high number it doesn't necessarily mean it is true. Unfortunately the market is flooded with knockoffs and 18650 batteries with all sorts of false ratings. Check the product video on fake batteries below for just one example.


Nominal Voltage: 3.7v
Nominal capacity: 3400mah
Battery Size: 18650
Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
Dimensions: 18.4mm diameter x 69.2mm length
Weight: 47.6g
Max Charge Current: 2a (1a recommended)


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Model # NL1834
Barcode # 6952506491506


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