Ansmann Energy XC3000 Universal Battery Charger and Battery Testing Solution

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Ansmann's Energy XC3000 is the ultimate one stop battery charging and management system. Energy XC3000 is suitable for 1-8 AAA and AA, 1-4 C and D, 1-2 9v, Li-Ion and Lipo Battery Packs (3.6v-7.4v), Button cells and much much more.

Providing an easy to read large LCD display to eliminate any guess work about the state of your batteries. Ideal for commercial environments where batteries are frequently used.


Battery management system for up to 8x Micro AAA or Mignon AA cells, for up to 4x Baby C or Mono D cells in addition up to 2x 9V E-block or 1x Li-Ion/Li-Po battery pack (3.6/3.7V-7.2/7.4V) connected by the provided universal adapter plate
Suitable for NiCD, NiMH, Li-Ion/Li-Po batteries
Multifunctional clear LCD display
Adjustable charging current (2 steps) for all round cells
Automatic charging current adjustment
Capacity quick test of the inserted cells
Individual selectable charging programs per charging slot
The selected charging program can easily be detected by the LCD display
Microprocessor controlled charging and supervision of each cell
Individual monitoring of topical parameter during charging
Multiple over charging protection
Trickle charging for NiCD/NiMH batteries
Faulty cell detection and Alkaline detection
Reverse polarity protection
Reliable tester for all common batteries
Ultra-fast testing result
Indication of the battery voltage and capacity (in 10% steps) by the LCD display
For worldwide use

Product brochure / datasheet can be downloaded by clicking the PDF icon just below the main image.


SKU XC3000
Model # XC3000


12 Month Manufacturer Warranty